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Summer BBQ Celebrates a Variety of Styles

Summer is right around the corner, and although there are many ways to celebrate the warmer weather, longer days, and relaxed schedules, one of the most true-blooded American ways is to throw a summer BBQ cookout.

They may seem to have a fairly standard format – a barbecue grill outside with variations of meat and sides, plus friends and family to share with – but there are numerous ways to customize your barbecue and make it memorable and unique to your own tastes!

Let’s Talk Summer BBQ Themes!

1. American Dream

The July 4th holiday is quickly approaching, and an All-American theme is familiar and beloved for all the right reasons. It is exciting and comforting at the same time and provides a patriotic twist for you barbecue. It can include:

  • Red, white, and blue decorations, of course! Even if you don’t have an American flag table cloth, a blue one with red cups and white plates will match the theme just as well.
  • American style foods like hamburgers, hot dogs, and sides. Macaroni and cheese and corn on the cob are great all-American sides. For desserts, use frosting and candy melts to color your food appropriately, or bake another American classic – pies!
  • Dressing up in patriotic colors, or Uncle Sam if you want to go all out.

2. Sports Bash

In St. Louis, we’re real big on the Cardinals this time of year, but you can throw a sports-themed barbecue for any team or sport you like.

  • Jerseys and team merchandise are a great way for everyone to participate in the theme.
  • Sports entertainment and games – this theme makes it especially appropriate to play catch, football, or any competitive sport at your barbecue, which is fun for the whole family. The kids (and husbands) will love it!
  • Decorations are versatile because there are many correct colors based on what sport or team you pick – don’t feel restricted!

3. Western/Cowboy

A cowboy theme is beloved by people of all ages and wearing that wide-brimmed hat will be handy to protect your eyes from the sun.

  • Encourage others to dress in cowboy boots and hats, bandanas, and jeans.
  • Try making Western-inspired foods to accompany your barbecued main dishes, such as pies, potatoes, eggs, and more.
  • Checkerboard patterned fabrics and twine string will be your friend while constructing decorations. Even just tying twine in bows around a vase of flowers can give it a more Western feel.

4. 90’s Theme

A 90s theme is particularly unique, and just might be the “it” decade right now. The time period was likely memorable to all your guests and it will certainly be an appreciated throwback.

  • Music is everything in a party centered around a time period. So, crank up the Nirvana, Spice Girls, 90s boy bands, and Mariah Carey!
  • Grungy, loose fitting clothes are a plus. Plaid flannel is a 90’s staple, as well as stonewashed or ripped jeans.
  • The great thing about a 90’s barbecue is that the decorations don’t have to be too involved, as long as you use bright, shocking colors and have appropriate clothing and music!

5. Christmas in the Summer

Shouldn’t Christmas cheer be spread year-round? This theme is comical and original.

  • You can use a lot of decorations you already have from the winter holiday. Lights and stockings, for instance, are immediately recognizable as Christmas-themed.
  • The key is to take typical Christmas symbols and tweak them for the summer. Think of lights and ornaments on a palm tree, Santa in a swimsuit, or making decor that looks like melted snowmen to really capitalize on a Christmas in summer feel.

6. Ancient Greece

This theme is very enjoyable if you like going all out with decorations and have a taste for the divine.

  • A toga may seem hard to create, but all you need is a sheet, pins, and twine to shape it over one shoulder and around your body.
  • Games like archery for the guest are very on-theme and also provide entertainment and a competitive edge. Or, design a Greek Olympics with a three-legged race and other field-day-inspired relay races/events for the kids to enjoy.
  • For food, grapes are a must. Additionally, skewers are a necessity at any Greek barbecue. Think lamb, pork, beef, and vegetables on a kabob stick for the grill.

7. Wondrous White

If you are looking for something sleeker and more elegant, an all-white theme is very tasteful and simple to pull off. Just be sure not to get barbecue sauce on your clothes!

  • An all-white theme is mostly decoration based, so be sure to pull out all of the white tablecloths, napkins, and clothing.
  • Activities are very open and any can relate to the theme. Think fun party games like corn hole or washers, a bag race, a limbo stick – the possibilities are endless! Of course, if the party is very elegant, there may be no need.

Callier’s Can Cater Your Summer BBQ!

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