There’s nothing like hosting a sports party. St. Louis were ecstatic last month when the Blues won the Stanley Cup for the first time in history, and with the recent victory of the American women’s soccer team in the FIFA World Cup, it seems like sports fans everywhere ought to be celebrating during these summer months!
If you’re like many, you agree that one of the best ways to show your support and love for your team while socializing is to have a sports party. With a blend of hype, constant entertainment, and the possibility of surprises, it’s the perfect way to bring friends, family and colleagues together during the summer months.
Here we have several ideas and tips for throwing your sports party, but keep in mind a few things before fixating on the details.

Optimize Your TV Viewing Area

Firstly, the whole point of the party is to watch the game, so the setup for doing so, whether large or small, indoor or outdoor, is the main priority. Guests will be mainly focused on the TV, so be sure to arrange for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Plan Ahead

Secondly, although a sports viewing party ranges on the more informal side of the party scale, it’s still important to plan ahead and prepare, because once the party has begun it’s not as easy to change things up. Some plans for food, furniture or decorations, and more may need slight revision as the party commences but keep a general idea of how you’re going to do things.

Get a Head Count

A good place to start when you’re planning any party is to know who’s coming! Headcounts are great because they give you an impression of how much food, seating, and entertainment you may need.

Get Ready to Watch the Game

The main idea of a sports party is to watch a game, so you will need to keep a couple of things in mind.

  • Right-Size Your Screen: Firstly, how big is your TV? Ideally, for a viewing party of any kind, the minimum size should be no less than 40”. The bigger the better, and if you are able to use a projector and give a home theater experience, that’s even more beneficial! They are expensive, so you can rent one if you don’t already own one. Of course, a smaller TV can suffice but it may limit the number of guests to a smaller amount.
  • Set Up Seats: Before you have your party, try arranging your furniture in your viewing room to optimize visibility and give all your guests a place to sit. Comfort is always a priority, since guests will be watching the TV for a majority of the party.
  • Turn Up the Volume: A good surround sound system is also nice, but if you don’t have one, just be sure that the volume is loud enough for everyone to hear, especially with people talking in the background.

Serve Up Something Scrumptious

Food is also a staple of most parties, and sports viewing parties are no different! Here are a few ideas for keeping the munchies satisfied when you watch your favorite team win.

  • Facilitate Conversation: Food isn’t just useful for easing hunger pangs; it is also a great icebreaker if not all of your guests are familiar with each other. You can eat before or during the game but having a dinner of some sorts is great for getting viewers to mingle. Getting your buffet style or sit-down dinner catered is the best way to have a stress-free party!
  • Snacks! People love snacking while watching TV, so don’t forget to have bowls of chips and dip or cookies or candy out – the snack food should be easy and simple to eat, so finger food is always ideal.
  • BYO… You can welcome your guests to bring a beverage of choice or any snacks they want. This keeps it casual and makes some people feel more comfortable, especially those with diet restrictions. This also frees you up to select drinks and food without worrying that someone won’t like your choice.

More Tips for your Sports Party!

Here’s some more tips to make your sports bash the best ever!

  • Make a Kid Zone: If kids are coming, they might not be as interested in the game, so you may want to set up an activity area for children with board games, drawing, etc.!
  • Enjoy the Great Outdoors: Why not take it outside? If you are afraid of guests creating a mess in your home, you can take the party in a tent outdoors!

Callier’s Can Cater Your Next Sports Party

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