We all know summer is typically the best time to get out in the sun and do outdoor activities, but this extends beyond family and friends. A company picnic is a fun way to engage with your employees and will be much appreciated. There are several reasons to consider having an outdoor get-together for your colleagues!

  • Boosting morale. When you have a fun event outside of the typical work routine, employees will feel energized, have a stronger bond with the rest of the staff and company, and feel supported. Everyone knows workers with high morale do better work!
  • Strengthen interdepartmental relationships. Getting people from different departments and areas of interest in the company to interact and converse will help them feel connection and respect, and sometimes collaboration between unexpected individuals can bring innovation and valuable partnerships.
  • Learn about your staff and their families – and have fun! The new environment in a company picnic will show new sides of everyone’s personalities and build a sense of camaraderie. Not to mention, who doesn’t need a chance to just relax and enjoy a day out?

As you can see, there are tons of benefits that arise from throwing an outdoor shindig for your staff! That being said, there are several things to keep in mind and plan so that you maximize fun and team-building for your employees.

  • Guest list. Are you inviting your employees only, or their spouses and children as well? If you invite the family as well, attendance will be higher, but if the budget cannot accommodate a larger group you might stick to staff only.
  • Date. Summertime is the best season for picnics, but if there is a heat wave coming through that week, it may not be the best time to stick everyone outdoors for a prolonged period. Holidays are never a good choice, since employees will typically have other plans, and if you want the best turnout possible, you should stick to weekdays since people don’t like to give up their time off.
  • Location. A public park is always a safe and inexpensive bet for a company picnic, but you can always go for something a little more unexpected if you want to really surprise your employees! Some other cool locations include beaches, lakes, and zoos. Some employers these days even have events at amusement parks!
  • Budget. You don’t need to break the bank on your company picnic, but you don’t want to lowball it either. If you go above and beyond, it will really show your staff you appreciate them and want their families to have a good time.

Top Tips for Planning

Finally, here are some tips to really have a memorable picnic that builds meaningful relationships and creates lasting memories.

  • Why not try a theme? Whether it is based on a time period, like the 80s, or based on a location, like a luau, themes are a really fun way for guests to participate in the setup of a party. If you want some cool theme ideas, you should check our blog post on 7 Fabulous Summer BBQ Themes. A lot of them would work just fine for your company picnic.
  • Take a Poll. The best way to know which date and food works best for your employees, and who is bringing family? A poll! If you give your staff a chance to help plan some of the logistics, they will feel heard and you would also obtain valuable information on how to create the best possible experience.
  • Making traditional grilled hot dogs and hamburgers is familiar and budget-friendly but consider hiring catering for your event. This way, everyone can join the activities and relax, and you can try some more exciting menu options. Don’t forget about people with dietary restrictions – another great reason to take a poll!
  • Games and Activities. Some great activities include field-day type games like tug-of-war or three-legged-races, and you can also try team sports like volleyball if you have the means! You can also get a bouncy house for the kids, and if it seems like there may be very young children there, consider hiring on-site childcare.
  • A raffle is an exciting way to end a company picnic. Choose a few high-quality prizes like electronics, amusement park tickets or season passes, or gift certificates for nice restaurants.

Callier’s Can Cater Your Company Picnic!

Look no further than Callier’s Catering from St. Louis for your summer get-together with your staff! Whether you need catering, bartending, tents, or more, we work with any kind of theme or style you are looking for. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Delivery service
  • Self-serve buffet
  • Butler-passed appetizers
  • Box lunch and carryout catering
  • Drinks & bar service
  • Onsite grill master
  • Full-service event planning

Contact our experienced catering team today and ask about a consultation. 636-230-0019.

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